Friday, March 11, 2011

The biggest earthquake hit Japan

It is horrible. The biggest earthquake has hit Japan yesterday night.
The first one hit northern part of Japan, which magnitude was 8.8 the biggest one since we started to measure the seismic intensity. It causes Tsunami and Tsunami is killing and missing more people than the earthquake.

I happened to know about this news through Facebook.
One of my friends wrote on her wall about the quake.
Then I went to Twitter to see what it was happening.
My friends wrote about how big the earthquake was or they wrote if they are alive and safe.
Through Twitter, I could know if my friends are doing okay, what had been broken, or what people need to do when the earthquake happens.
This tragedy is really really horrible.
But they are trying to help each other through Twitter. They share their imformation and encourage each other.
After the class, I'm watching Japanese news through USTREAM.
It tells me the situation real time.
It is good to know what is happening in Japan, but at the same time, I feel despaired because I can do nothing for them.
All I can do is to pray for them and for Japan itself.
Fortunately, my family and friends are all safe. I could know through the Internet. Thank you very much, the new technology.
However, new earthquake is still happening in different region so that I don't know what will happen to our region...
I realized how grateful my friends are just alive, so God, please, don't kill anyone anymore.
At this time, more than 1000 people are dead or missing.
I really hope everyone will be safe....

And everybody who saw this blog,
please pray with me for Japan.

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